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Long bike journeys offer experiences that are way beyond words. When you are passionate to travel the most adventurous, unfamiliar, and exotic places then nothing beats a fascinating motorcycle ride that connects you with the beautiful sights and the local culture.

When it comes to planning a small journey in mountains, you can do it yourself but for traveling in remote places especially in the great Himalayan region, you need someone who has experience and expertise in running motorbike tours and expeditions.

There are thousands of fascinating motorcycle tours and travels companies, but our exquisite bikes, professional guides, accurate information on road conditions, terrains, weather conditions, and knowledge of the local language make Enfield Point a far better choice. You can pick a suitable bike tour from Enfield point according to your skill level. Our bike tours range from the easiest to the most challenging ones.

Enfield Point has been providing bike tours since 2001 and is committed to providing the best traveling arrangements for you. Our founder Mr. Kamalajeet Singh has 18 years of experience in organizing motorbike expeditions to Ladakh, Manali, Lahaul, Spiti Srinagar, and other remote locations of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir.

We have 60+ Royal Enfield (one of the oldest motorcycle companies) bikes. Our expeditions are designed to deliver once in a lifetime traveling experience to bikers across the enchanting mountain ranges, waterfalls, snowy roads, and wild terrains of the Himalayas. Enfield point is not like other travel companies that are operated from Delhi or Mumbai, our office is located in Manali which is a popular tourist spot and the heart of Himachal Pradesh. We also have a garage in Manali where we service and maintain our bikes.

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Bike trip in the Spiti Valley

Our top bike trip destination such as Spiti Valley is known for its beautiful landscapes, lakes, Buddhist monasteries, and fascinating trekking routes. The dazzling Spiti valley is a popular spot for adventurous activities and sightseeing. Some of the incredible places in Spiti valley are Chandartal Lake, Pin valley national park, Kunzum pass, Key Monastery, Kaza, Dhankar Lake, etc. and we ensure that you get to visit each one of them.

The trails to the Spiti valley will give you an adrenaline rush. You get the opportunity to drive amidst the glaciers between the Rohtang and Kunzum pass. On the way, you can enjoy dozens of stunning monasteries which are surrounded by snow-capped mountains and frozen lakes. Moreover, there are several national parks in Spiti valley that allows you to witness the beautiful flora and fauna of the Himalayan region.

Bike trip in Ladakh

Ladakh has always been a dream destination for every biker. You can enjoy camping, trekking, and hiking in Ladakh. Bike trips on the spectacular road to Ladakh are one of the most peaceful, enjoyable, and satisfying journeys you\92ll ever have. Our Ladakh expeditions include everything that you need for a comfortable journey on the mountains such as food, the fuel for your entire trip, experienced and trained team members to tackle any emergencies, first aid kits, backup vehicles, camping, and much more. From the beginning till the end of the journey, we make sure your travel bug is fully satisfied.

Women tours

We pride ourselves on providing safe, splendid, and adventurous trips for women. Our women tours package includes food, pick and drop, transport, professional guide, and accommodation. So, if you are a woman who wants to enjoy a thrilling journey on the most mystical places in India then we have a team that will take you to the majestic mountains of Ladakh, the frozen waterfalls of Spiti valley, and the fascinating landscapes of Kullu and Manali.

Corporate tours

Our corporate tours are designed to cater to all your corporate traveling needs. We will make sure your events and holidays are hassle-free. You can pick the tour packages you like from our vast list of corporate tour packages and enjoy beautiful tourist destinations any time of the year.

Overlanding trips

You must have heard about the road less traveled, well with us you\92ll witness it. Whether you want to enjoy a bike ride in a remote location or travel with us on a vehicle, our Overlanding trips are designed for you to enjoy the journey at your own pace. This will make sure that you get to know the place, the people, and the local communities more closely.

Summer and winter expedition

Our summer and winter expedition offers you a soulful and peaceful experience. Our tour packages help you experience the simple life of mountains during winters and summers. You can also glance at the wildlife of the great Himalayas while on the drive or living with locals/camping.

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